Welcome to the Underwake!

There was an explosive volcanic eruption off the coast of Sarasan that has damaged and destroyed several Merfolk villages including the largest village of Kichka Drift. The currents will be bringing more soot, poison, and ash towards the villages and driving creatures their way. The United Oceans has called to the nations of Underwake to aid in evacuation, clean-up, and repair.

The Merfolk have been very relunctant to let any information out to the United Oceans. As per usual, they are very secretive and are only accepting help because they NEED it.

You have been sent by your nation to assist the Merfolk. Your group will meet at the Tamdin Crossheads with two Merfolk “ambassadors” who will bring you to meet up with Captain Ashop Kol who you will receiving instructions from while you assist the Merfolk.

There may need to be stat adjustments based on those with Triton characters. Also, you can choose to advance either your monster levels or your class levels. Details to follow.

Disaster in the Underwake

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